Inspiration during everyday life

Have you ever got inspired during your session in the comfort room or the shower? Or while walking or driving down the road? I think all of us have, only the others would be embarrassed at the acts when seen by others. Yet we all have our unique moments of inspiration, no matter how weird or strange they may be. Believe me.

But why do our moments of greatest epiphany happen at the least opportune times?

Maybe the reason we get inspired at inopportune moments is because those are the few times when actually slow down.

For many of us, our days are consumed with busyness. As we bounce from one activity to the next, we multi-task and double-up on responsibilities, constantly striving to squeeze out just a little more productivity from our already-limited time.

However, we also need to give ourselves time to relax. Let’s “time-out” from all those things that give us stress the whole day and give space for yourselves to breathe. That way, you’ll find the best platform for your creativity to flourish.

Hey, here’s a question for you, guys: “What’s your most unforgettable moments of great inspiration?” Don’t be shy about details. It’s your experience, a wonderful thing to share to our other fellows here in Word Press.



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