Chance at Paradise

This is again a war time

and the guns go crazy again

Cannons flying over

while the children scamper and hide.


But I know that this’ not for good

‘Cause I believe that this is going to end soon…


When the war is gone and over,

we’ll live in contemplation

For God did not make our lives

all days of celebration


But then we must keep living

We must go on

We must not give up, we mustn’t stop

to believe that there’s still happiness

in this world of mixed feelings…


When men have hatred in their hearts,

we still have chance in God’s Paradise….



Help me!!!

Dear friends in WordPress,

Greetings of peace!

As we are all comrades in this field of writing, I kindly ask you to help me in my humble project – a memoir blog on my experiences in war-torn Basilan. This is especially important for me because I will be writing about my own hometown. Please help me on how to embark in this. I am definitely doing a non-fiction narrative here.

Please, my fellow writers, help me find my path to writing that moves people to their emotions and allows them to react on particular issues better.

Hoping for your kind response to this matter.

Sincerely yours,


“aka” Shin Hoshiko