Did we take life’s simple pleasures for granted?

I have posted this on my blog last August 4, 2013. I think it’s relevant to the matter you’re discussing here.
Are the best things in life free?

God created man in his own image and likeness. In the same way, we are creators of the life we lead – our past, present and futures – through the actions we do and the manner it affects the people around us. The persons who come and go into our lives shape our attitudes. The events that surround them shape our images. This is our own uniqueness.

It is only too true that God gave every one of his people a specific twist in huis or her life. In the most perplexing ways, trials always come our way. Because God wants to test us. He wants to test how we will do with our unique twists. This is God’s way of connecting with us.

Because we are so caught up with doing something with the twists in our life, we tend to ignore what’s really important. We go to the things of the world. We go for success , fame, power and money as we think that they rule over the world and therefore the ones worth to be sought after. We think and get swayed by the secular drift of our harshly changing world.

Men and women intoxicate themselves with the thoughts of these worldly things, especially money. Since they believe that with so much quantities of it, they can get anything they can ever want. Sadly, this assumption – or rather, way of thinking – drives them to do unspeakable things. Sin abounds and immorality is exposed to those interested and eager for the claim. Yet no matter how they do it, unhappiness predominates the hearts of many.

We humans have forgotten the things that are really worth our time, our presence and the wait. Example, most teens and young adults prefer to give up themselves before marriage. Parents become too busy with making a living that they neglect their children to the point that they no longer feel the love. Friends became bitter enemies when they rival for the same covetable thing. And most importantly, many lose their allegiance to their religion because they no longer think that God exists. Yet these things most of us ignore in our daily lives are the most important, the best things in life. The virtue of purity, unconditional love, loyal and eternal friendship, and faith cannot be bought by gold or silver. They are freely given to those who accept and acknowledge them in their lives. We must cherish them as we receive them every day of our short human lives.


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