Cast of Characters – Main

Belinda Marie “Maydee” Santiago

“Maydee” is a young Filipino-British girl with a weak heart but resilient spirit. Since birth, she was diagnosed of Hypoplasia Left Heart Syndrome, the most dangerous and complicated type of congenital heart disease. As such, she is often in the hospital, even during school days. However, to help her somehow keep a fairly well physique, her brother, Jonathan, taught how to swim, do track and many more sports.

She is a very beautiful young woman (though she doesn’t think so) with almond-shaped brown eyes, vibrant long curly brown hair, and a smile worth waiting for. She takes after her mother so well that her performance in a school play triggered the discovery of Vivien Ruth Morgan St. James.

She was born into the Morgan-Santiago household – to Vivien Ruth Morgan and Miguel Carlos Santiago, and their then six-year-old son, Jonathan Carlos. Four years later, she also welcomed a baby in the house – her youngest sibling and only sister, Julie Vera.

In the beginning of the story, she is a new student of Saint Bridget Academy – a freshman of I – St. Francis together with Alfred Leo Boñuie, Alfred James Boñuie, Sarah Jean Lee, and many others. She was very reluctant and fearful of her school life there because of the bullies and her own destructive heart disease. Furthermore, she was bewildered by the unusual feelings she came across for the first time when she met the Boñuie twins, Aljee and Allen (the latter especially frightened her by the effect he has on her).

She is very shy and does not talk much except to those she trusts and she prefers to be comfortable knowing about something for the “unknown frightens her”.  Her most distinct trait is her habit of “bowing her head very low that her long curly hair hides her face and upper torso”, a sign of her submissive nature and unassuming attitude.

Slowly, secrets will come out of their hiding places – which will be most devastating for Maydee. She learns about her true heritage as well as the shocking connection between her mother’s family to the Boñuie family, leading to a heart-wrenching climax that will change their lives forever.


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